Archbishop Thabo Makgoba

8 June 2016
Dear Premier Helen Zille

RE: Submission on the future of the Tafelberg School property

The Anglican Diocese of Cape Town has served the people of the city across racial, social and economic divides for more than 160 years.

The Diocese’s two churches in Sea Point – the Church of the Holy Redeemer and St James’s Church – have been an integral part of the Sea Point community for well over a century. We have ministered to generations of Sea Point residents, from wealthy home owners and residents of Tramway Road to flat dwellers and domestic servants.

The Diocese is strongly committed to the development of all parts of Cape Town as socially cohesive neighbourhoods in which people from all backgrounds are brought together to lived fulfilled and productive lives. Our parishes across the city were devastated by the introduction of the Group Areas Act, and we are still experiencing the damage that was done to social cohesion by people being torn out of their neighbourhoods and dumped on the Flats in forced removals.

We believe that when public land becomes available for development, it is crucial to the development of a stable and peaceful city for the generations to come that every possible effort is made to break the residential and social patterns forced upon the city by apartheid, and to provide for a good mix of housing in all parts of the city, including affordable housing close to the major forms of economic activity.

For this reason, the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town welcomes the court order
which allows the future of the former Tafelberg Remedial School property to be

We strongly support efforts to provide mixed-income housing in our city as a step
in the direction of undoing the apartheid spatial planning of our city that is such a
dreadful legacy of the past. We therefore support any initiative to provide for the
development of affordable housing on the Tafelberg school site, including
housing that is accessible to domestic and other workers who contribute to the
economy of nearby neighbourhoods.

Yours in the service of Christ

The Most Revd Thabo Makgoba, Archbishop of Cape Town
The Right Revd Garth Counsell, Bishop of Table Bay
Anglican Diocese of Cape Town


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