Naruna Estate Resident’s Association

3 June 2016

Dear Premier Helen Zille,


It is affirmed in the Constitution that South Africa belongs to all that lives in it.

This country has a history of the poor giving way to the rich. With this in mind it is still expected of the poor generate the economy.

In Constantia, Claremont, Sea Point and other areas residents were forcibly removed and dumped into townships on the far outskirts of Cape Town with no infrastructure or basic amenities. However the Government of the apartied era believed that they were in their full right to do so. Today, two decades later the post apartied Government has the same ideology not through colour this time but economic segregation.

Where does it state that if you are poor you may not live in area which is well resourced and close to services that are enshrined in Act 108-96? When the word affordable housing is used automatically the Western Cape Government refers to Delft, Khayalitsha, Pelikan Park and other township as great achievements and milestones in their term of office, although they once again created slums as oppossed to eradicated them.

It is noted that Tafelberg was to be set aside for affordable housing and that would have been the first project in the Province to have a BNG housing close to the CBD. A perception is created that the poor is boxed into spaces and left to their own demise facing socio-ecconomic challenges which include gangterism, and other social ills in these townships. When do you as Government take responsibilty and take lessons from the past that Townships are not the answer and putting GAP and Bonded Units as a buffer is not called a “good” suburb. It is resources and inflastructure that is developed that enhances peoples’ lives.

Poverty is no excuse for the Western Cape Government to isolate the poor. Bearing in mind that Sea Point itself was not initially for the affluent but due to being poor and the right colour you could reside in close proximity to the City or any other residential area you wanted too. In apartied whilst the fellow citizens being black could not.

Premier Zille, what Province are you creating? It is not new for poor to be oppressed but it is a travesty if they are being oppressed by the same Government they elected. Thousands of people have to awake at the crack of dawn to travel to their places of work. Children as well,  to get the education they were once were kept away from

The Tafelberg affordable housing project creates the sense of security, it is what this Province needs and it will create a new spatial landscape..

The Rate payers of Sea Point might agree with you to sell to a Private Developer but the poor being the Majority of the citizens will not agree with you. Is this not a democracy where the majority takes the lead in the decision making process? Your argument of economics and the fuel injection it would bring to the Provinces coffers is distasteful due to the fact that you will be dedicated the same funds to build more townships with little or no infrastructure that breeds socio-economic ills.

Give us back our land.

Let us reclaim what is rightfully ours and let freedom reign

Lets create a better life for all in it’s totality for the citizens of the Western Cape Province not only the Rich and the Private Developers.

Yours sincerely




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