Bishop Augustine Joemath

Dear Premier Zille,

It was heartbreaking enough to have been part of a community of District 6 torn apart as I was a student at the Seminary of the Moravian Church there in the early seventies.

Now is the time for us, for you to do our utmost to correct this and change things even further around.  We will never be able to wipe out the memory of the past but can take brave steps to build a new and respectable future for those who suffered the most.

It has been brought to my attention that state land – the Tafelberg site in Seapoint – is about to be sold off for development while I know that we are struggling with huge housing issues and the resultant social ills plaguing our outlying communities.  We, you and I, need to break the cycle of the rich getting richer and the poor stay poor, and even get poorer by being thrown away into wastelands.

May I, as a Bishop and leader of the oldest Protestant Church in SA, the Moravian Church, plead with you to use such land to bring the disadvantaged and struggling people of Cape Town back and closer to the inner city, and regain some dignity.

We are proud of our leadership for having achieved huge steps in addressing the wrongs of the past and know that a step like this, and many similar ones, could boost the respect and confidence in our leadership.

Thanking you for reading requests like this and listening to the people of our Mother City.

Yours in His service,

Augustine P. Joemath (Bishop)


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