Bo-Kaap Civic and Ratepayers Association

To: The Premier of the Western Cape

Helen Zille

9 June 2016

Re: Objection to the sale Tafelberg

We, the Bo-Kaap Civic & Ratepayers Association object to the sale of the Tafelberg Remedial School and Wynand Mansions by the Provincial Government for the following reasons:-

Over the last 50 years people of colour and of disadvantaged backgrounds have been systematically removed in a Racist Cleansing of the city in the name of Apartheid.

This policy has been perpetuated by the Provincial Government.

No social housing have been built in the City since 1994.

There is a need to bring people closer to their work and this project will clearly demonstrate the willingness to start the integration process not on paper only, but practically.

Your Human Settlement Department agrees that 341 social units can be built on this area.

By selling irreplaceable valuable land in the city to private developers, continues the cycle of apartheid where lower income people cannot live where they work and the majority once again becomes victim of an apartheid mentality.

We strongly feel that this well located land is a scarce resource and that it should be reserved to the benefit of all people, particularly to the poor.

We strongly object to the sale of this land as it would be a wasted opportunity to right the wrongs of our past.

The act of creating an integrated society 22 years after the fall of the “official apartheid” far outweighs the cost of the land that is going to be sold to a developer for their own personal profits.

Madame Zille, we call on you and your party to make the right decision.

Far too long have we had to listen to excuses of blaming apartheid for our wrongs.

The time is now………………………


Bo-Kaap civic and Ratepayers Association


Tel: Jacky: 0827392027



Jacky Poking

Secretariat: Correspondence


PDF here.


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