District Six Beneficiary and Redevelopment Trust

The Premier of the Western Cape

The Honorable Ms. HELEN ZILLE

1 June 2016

Dear Premier


We, the District Six Beneficiary and Development Trust, having resided in the Western Cape for many years and understanding the nature of Society and the silos of different cultural and sub-cultural groups in the Western Cape and the lack of social cohesion, we urge the Western Province Government and the Department of Education under Mr Donald Grant not to persist with the sale of the TAFELBERG SCHOOL as the needy and the poor can only be assimilated into what we call social integration if we do not divide the community by selling that particular land.

We fully endorse the call by most community organizations, particularly the Muslim Judicial Council and the various Civic movements in their objections to the sale of the school.

We would like the Tafelberg School to be protected and assimilated into that particular community which itself seems isolated.

The only way to force integration in the City is not to perpetuate the legacies of Apartheid.

This we believe is a very very sad day that the Western Cape Government and The Department of Education under Mr. Donald Grant is ignoring the clarion call of people to integrate this very divided City.

We, the District Six Beneficiary & Redevelopment Trust and all of its Trustees, fully endorse the call that the sale must not proceed and that we support the Civic movements in their objections.

We urge the City to come to its senses on this particular matter.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Kindest regards,

Dr. Anwah Nagia


PDF here.


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