Far South Peninsula Community Forum

7 June 2016

Dear Premier Zille,

The Far South Peninsula Community Forum (FSPCF) supports efforts to secure the Tafelberg site in Seapoint for “affordable” housing and small business interests. Our reasons are as follows:

  • We support there being provision for higher density housing close to public transport where it will enhance the lives of many people who have typically had to travel long distances to work.
  • We oppose efforts to dispose of state owned property where this will jeopardise sectors of civil society while ensuring profits for private developers.
  • The site is currently zoned for general residential and small business purposes which is appropriate.
  • In a small but exemplary way the project would address the dire housing shortage.
  • The project would speak to the issue of social inclusion, redress and integration
  • Environmental impacts would be minimal.
  • The model being proposed here for low cost housing has been successful elsewhere.
  • We reject the sort of unilateral, bulldozing, approval processes that have typified many developments in recent years where physical constraints, public participation and longer-term planning sense have been ignored.
  • Market forces cannot be relied on to make low cost land available. Therefore all tiers of state must be urged to develop a strategic approach to the use of land under its control – especially at a time of strong land redistribution pressure.

Kind Regards,

Marti Weddepohl

Chairperson FSPCF

PDF here.


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