Gerhard De Vries-Bock

Office of the Dean
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa
Western Cape Circuit
8th Ave
Cape Town

Office of the Premier
Western Cape Provincial Government
Cape Town

In re: Sale of state land Tafelberg Remedial school and Wynard Mansion. Objection.

Dear Madam Premier,

It is with grave concern that the Lutheran Church Western Cape circuit,
has learned of the proposed sale of state land by the Provincial Government. The Western Cape under your leadership has made great strides in advancing the lives of all it,s citizens. You are to be commended for your efforts and continues  endeavours to better the lives of all.

As a church, we also have the very same goals to see  all people prosper and better their lives for generations to come. We as a church are acutely aware of the housing deficit, the unemployment, the social ills, health problems, sanitation etc, in the Province. We counsel parishioners on an on-going basis  how to deal with the social ills we face daily.
Premier, you yourself would know that the Lutheran Church, since the coming of the missionaries to our shores, has worked tirelessly to better the lives of all people. This Church, till today is carrying that same baton.

We would therefore beseech the Provincial Government, not to alienate the proposed site, but rather consider it for inner city housing. This would give our ordinary people, working class people to live and work closer to the city,s economic hub. It would elevate overcrowding on the ” Kaapse Vlakte”, As well as traffic on the roads leading in to the city bowl.
The  Evangelical Lutheran Church is aware of the fact that there is no strong policy frame work for urban regeneration in South Africa. Specific programs on a national level are linked to legislation, eg urban development, but there are no comprehensive programs to guide urban regeneration.
We are aware that the Western Cape do have strategies for urban  re-generation, but they are not linked to delivery mechanisms. However there are is little reference to provisions of housing to low- and middle -income households.
Your department would understand the following analysis as to the spatial allocation :
Spatial area:                % RCG
1. CBD.                        15%
2. Inner suburbs.            29%
3. Outer suburbs.          49%
4. Greyzones.                  7%
Former black townships.  0%

I would respectfully submit that  this is an opportunity for the Western Cape Government to start with such an innovative program in the inner city to house people from all walks of life.
The lack of decent and affordable inner-city housing, with security, decent sanitation, and basic amenities for low in come households, informal workers , people with disabilities, remains a problem today.

The church appeal to your good conscience, Madam Premier, to cease with the selling of state land to private developers, and to allocate the said  land for an inner city housing development.

Thank you for the opportunity to voice our concern with your office.

Yours in Christ,
Gerhard De Vries-Bock
Dean of the Western Cape Circuit
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa
Cape Town
Office number: 021 6967333

DATE – 08 June 2016


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