8 June 2016

Dear Premier Zille,

LOGRA CIVIC object to the sale of Tafelberg Remedial School and Wynard Mansions (formerly homes for working class people) by the Western Cape Provincial Government for the following reasons:

  • WE BELIEVE that any opportunity of land becoming available for alienation by the City and Province should be used to achieve social integration. Here is an excellentopportunity to impact the housing for poorer citizens.
  • WE BELIEVE that for far too long, Black African and Coloured people, particularly working-class, are excluded from owning their home in the Cape Town inner city and suburbs such as Sea Point and Green Point. All low-cost and affordable rental housing developments have been far away from the City. Not one affordable home has been built on state land in Sea Point, Green Point and surrounding areas since Apartheid formally ended in 1994.
  • WE BELIEVE that if the site were to be used for educational purposes, it should remain the property of the State who would provide education for all. It would not be fair to alienate the property to private enterprise which would, in all likelihood, make it unaffordable for the children of the workers in the area to access such a facility.
  • WE BELIEVE that an earlier recommendation of the Provincial Housing Department to reserve the land for affordable housing and a government supported feasibility study which concluded that the site was suitable for a social housing development of up to 341 affordable residential units should not be ignored as it makes perfect sense.
  • WE BELIEVE that workers should be living closer rather than further from the place of employment and economic centres. Long travelling times are not good for bothefficiency and family life.
  • WE BELIEVE that the local government authorities have a duty to ensure that thenational policy of creating a non-racial society is implemented and that the sale of this land to the rich will perpetuate the legacy of apartheid and a golden opportunity would be missed to redress apartheid spatial planning and segregation.
  • WE BELIEVE that the people of Cape Town deserves to live in a city that reflects its diversity and planned in such a way that will promote inclusivity rather than exclusivity, especially in the suburbs known to be reserved for the rich.

WE THEREFORE URGE you as Premier of the Western Cape, to ensure that these properties are made available for affordable housing and use by the previously-excluded citizens of Cape Town and the Province.

Respectfully, yours sincerely


PDF here.


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