Moravian Church Bishops

Beroma, Bellville, 08 June 2016

The Premier

Western Cape Province

Objection: Sea Point, Tafelberg, sale of State Land


The Honourable Premier H. Zille:

We are proud of our City.  Much good has been done for which we have to compliment you for, but more can be and need to be done!

The people of Cape Town, and especially the membership of the Moravian Church of Cape Town and indeed of SA, will be even more proud if the said land could be used to erect a major symbol against the still painful ills of the past.

Evictions such as that suffered by the membership of our Moravian Church and others in District Six and elsewhere are still very much alive in the hearts of our people.  

We need brave and bold steps by our leadership to bring our marginalized peoples back into the central sphere of our city in a very much ordered way to enjoy the beauty of our city and not destroy it.

Our people are living in cramped conditions on the outskirts of the city and have to suffer the accompanying social ills destroying many lives.  Many elderly folks are still yearning for the days when they wandered the streets of the inner city areas now occupied by the rich and privileged.  We will never be able to give them back what they had but each small step alleviates the pain in the hearts of our people.  

The Moravian Church has been walking in more than one way alongside the suffering people and especially the minorities all over the world as one of the oldest protestant churches and will continue to do so as long as our Lord requires and commands it of us.

We are looking forward to a bold decision by you, Premier H. Zille and your staff of our beautiful City and Province, taking our city to even more admirable heights.

Yours in His service, 

Bishop Augustine Joemath 

PDF here.



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