People’s Health Movement South Africa

7 June 2016

The Premier

Western Cape Government

Wale Street

Cape Town


Dear Premier Zille,

People’s Health Movement South Africa support the call for rezoning of approximately 7 hectares of State Owned Land in Sea Point, formerly occupied by Tafelberg School, to be made available and for affordable family housing.

This could be a critical turning point, toward narrowing the enormous gulf in living conditions between families who live near the CBD and those who live far out in the Cape Flats. This could be time for healing of wounds caused by the Eiselen Line, the Labour Preference Areas and so many Group Areas and Forced Removals in the Western Cape.

People are calling for family housing, in safer areas, near to work opportunities and schooling … these are important social determinants of health, especially for children, and are included in our SA Constitution under the Bill of Rights.



Kathryn Stinson, Melanie Alperstein, Leslie London, James Irlam and Bridget-Nomonde Scoble

PDF here.


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