Prof. Reverend Karel August

Dear Premier Zille, 

I am a supporter of and protagonist for the open spaces of our mother city to be utilized for those that have been historically uprooted and confined to the peripheries of the city. This typical greedy and self-centred act of modernization and apartheid,  resulted in the  inner cities being claimed by businesses and the immediate surrounding suburbs claimed by the privileged few. In Cape Town, especially this kind of urban and social planning was the apartheid and colonial legacy, which left the working class  to commute and spend many hours from the early hours of the day till late at night away from their children – their life doomed to a daily migrant existence for at least 5 days of the week for a whole year till round about the 14-16 of December of each year when the industries close for the silly season. This in turn has resulted in the erosion of our moral fabric and the key-children left over to themselves the whole day.

One would expect the city elders in a post 1994 dispensation as a humane gesture of goodwill to allow people back into the open spaces surrounding the inner-city in a spirit of restitution and to restore the human dignity of those who built this city with their sweat and blood, those  who clean the streets and provide the manual labour for our goods and services.

As a trustee of the District 6 Restitution and Development Trust, I am proud to say that it is through public pressure like this that District 6 is under development for the very people that we are advocating for regarding the Tafelberg site in Seapoint. Let us rebuild our cities with spaces of liberation and human dignity for all, but especially for the poor!


Karel Thomas August


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