Submission to The Premier of the Western Cape /Re objection to the sale of Tafelberg Remedial School.

This Submission is made by the by the South Africa Domestic Service and Allied workers Union (Sadsawu) and supported by Cosatu.

The domestic workers sector within Sea Point has a long history concerning affordable housing within Sea Point,

**1983 The then Domestic Workers Association was allocated  a place called the Green point Art center where domestic workers could learn skills and use as a meeting place.

**A few years later the place was sold to make way for business .

**About  20 years or even longer domestic workers form their own housing project called the Rainbow Housing.

**several meetings was held even some protests,.

**Many verbal promises was made by the Sea Point councilors and even the City council.

**Land was look at first next to the SABC in Sea Point,.

**then a block of flats that was empty and vandals moved in.,

**All this was then sold  for business.

**Rainbow housing continue to save as they want to buy the land. but they were rejected at all times.


The question why do we want to live in Seapoint.

**many domestic workers has work in SeaPoint for the last 40 years ,many are still working they know no other place.

** they live in the back yards ,separated from their children and family. some live in tiny rooms in the base ment  of some flats, some even pay rent, some  face eviction and move from one room to the next room as they work in Sea Point.


Domestic workers has been part of Sea Point since the beginning of then modern slavery.

**Many of these children that are in business or highly educated were reared by these very domestic workers that are now denied housing where they have work all their life. 


In conclusion why is it that they cannot live where they work.

**Did we not vote and have a constitution that say.

South Africa belongs to all.

Affordable housing near workplaces should be created,.

Children should live with their parents.


Therefore we say,

This land belongs to all, let  colour  not separate us, and define where we must live,.

A better life for all means,

++there shall be houses ,security and comfort.

++Jobs near our workplaces,.

Let us reclaim the land that was taken from us .let us decide where we want to live,


****As Domestic Workers We Provide an Essential service to Society  yet we are Undervalued .We call on the Premier and the Government  to listen to us and engage with us .


Submitted By

Myrtle Witbooi.

General Secretary.

PDF here.



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