Sea Point Businesses Sign-On Letter

Small Businesses in Support of Affordable Housing in Sea Point!

As operators of small businesses in Sea Point, we believe that government must act to ensure that the area does not become an exclusive enclave for the super-rich, but rather a place where people from a range of income groups can live, work and play.  This is in the interests of business owners, staff, and our customers.   

As property prices and rents in the area soar, we believe that more must be done to ensure that there is sufficient affordable housing available for those working in Sea Point. This will assist in addressing the following challenges we face:      


  • Residential rental costs in Sea Point are becoming so high that even business owners struggle to afford to live here. Being part of the community is important to many of us, but we are being chased away by a rapidly worsening lack of affordable housing.  


  • Soaring property prices and pressure from developers have also driven up the rent for our business premises, threatening our ability to sustain our operations in the long-term.


  • Most of our employees live very far away from our places of business.  It is common to spend up to four hours a day commuting back and forth – which can have a very negative effect on personal and family life.


  • Using public transport is very costly – commuting can sometimes take up to 40% of a salary.  This makes it very difficult to save or even pay for basic necessities – even for those who have a full time job.


  • Delays in public transport happen on an almost daily basis.  Despite leaving home on time, workers are often late for work.  This has an adverse impact on productivity. The recent Metro Rail train fires exposed the extent of the financial loss public transport challenges can have on business.


  • Many of our most loyal customers have been chased out of Sea Point by rising rents.  This has adversely affected our business.

We call on government to bring Sea Point workers closer to their jobs.  It has a unique opportunity in the old Tafelberg School site – a publicly owned piece of land located at 355 Main Road, and roughly the size of two rugby fields.   We object to the sale of the site to a private purchaser with no strings attached, and instead believe that the site should primarily be used for affordable residential development.  This is in the public interest and would considerably benefit Sea Point’s small business community.  




Signed by:


Name Business
Akbar Farhan Cellular (manager)
Tammi Jack’s Paint Sea Point
Parnes Khan’s Supermarket
S. Ally Ally’s
Bizimand Easton Hyperspace Internet Cafe
Christo Cape Coast Tattoo
Kenneth Minor Cape Coast
M. Hoassain Yusdias Chicken
Gideon East & West
S. Isaacs Informal Trader
Clement Mudzimba Informal Trader
Andiswa Bam Vannessa’s Party Emporium
Tendai Mhandu Dominoes Pizza (manager)
Chi Chi Chi Chi
Mareo Kampasa Sea Point Tailors
Farai Muzika Melta Creations
H E Holness Unique Laundry
Sollie Manzini Lucky Fish (regent)
Michael Dullin Timeline@Internet
Loreen Rasta Shop
Khan Habib Kababish
Mrs Jacobs Glam Hair
Yodit Zegeye Peacock Superette
MJ Laundry and Home
Delia Nandos Sea Point (manager)
D Gibbs Crystal Clearwater Pool Services
Bethina Berlep 2nd Take
Michael Holmes Lucky Fish (manager)
Debbie Manhula The Framery
Chamaan Karriem Help the Rural Child Charity
Jared Chaitowitz Up-Cycles Bicycle Rental



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